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Value Amplify consultants are ROI finders in internal and external IoT/BlockChain data

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Brand amplify services accelerate your ability to inform decision-makers with a broad set of online, actionable data visualizations

Brand amplify leverages real time analysis and machine learning innovation to drive business change, all at a lower cost than manual analysis approaches. Get interactive dashboards with filters and drill-down that support real-time action

Discover common use cases and scenarios we can enable, onsite with your staff or agency, or as a remote service

We can show you IoT, Predictive Maintenance, Supply Chain, Agriculture IoT and Digital Marketing, all enabled by Machine Learning and Data Visualization

See how we can transfer skills or work with you to automate manual analysis

Skills transfer for Machine Learning, Spark, Social Media, Social Selling and Economic Justifications as well as service solutions for brand trends and sentiment analysis

Industry innovation drives competitive differentiation

Focused solutions for Manufacturing, HighTech, Hospitality, Farming, Consulting

Platform knowledge and advisory services

Experts from across the US and Europe work daily with Microsoft Azure, Cortana Analytics Suite, Power BI, Apache Spark, ML, R, Scala and Suse Linux to bring solutions

Consulting frameworks

More than expertise, the use of frameworks rives repeatability. REJ (Rapid Ecoomic Justification), Innovation Management, Change Management, Value Selling, Benefit Dependency Networks (BDNs) all drive certainty of outcome

Internet of Things

Can Sensors Give You The Data That Creates A Big ROI?

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Articles and Hot Topics

IoT in Farming

Agriculture is a “Industry” about to be disrupted” by several market-changing technologies: IoT  monitoring, IoT condition management and prevention, data driven genetically modified solutions. Framers are becoming savvy and finally the good farmers can make a difference. The market is no longer flat.  

Stop working manually and get a machine to do it

Does your job description read like this? Support the development and adaption of communication, media plans and brand strategies that resonate with the identified segments and sub segments including value propositions within them. But do you spend all your time monitoring key market indices as they affect brand awareness, preference, equity and market share Or […]

What does it take to create and share data visualizations that drive action?

How do you visualize, analyze, and forecast using familiar and actionable self-service tools? What about linking to cognitive services, machine learning and analytic models for advanced insights? Self-service insights across devices, both online and offline empowering users to make faster decisions sounds fantastic but how to provide familiar, self-service visualization and decision support tools that […]

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  • “The REJ framework is a well engineered process, it really helped my IT to select priorities[..].
    My team really enjoyed using REJ and improved communication ability.”
    — Giuseppe Biassoni, CIO RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Italy


  • “REJ was a successful effort
    to work with the business units”
    — Bob Schwartz, CIO Panasonic, USA”


  • “The alignment of business strategy with information technology is the most important part
    of the entire analysis [..] Our intention is to utilize REJ as we go forward in technology decision-making.”
    — Dr. Philip Kutzenco, Director of Technology, Cytec Industries, USA


  • “The Restaurant Analytics developed by Value Amplify helped me to find actionable opportunities.
    Comparing Recency and Frequency vs Monetary Value is such an eye opening!”
    — Stefano Cavinato, owner of Toscana Divino

    Toscana Divino Restaurant

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