What does it take to create and share data visualizations that drive action?

How do you visualize, analyze, and forecast using familiar and actionable self-service tools? What about linking to cognitive services, machine learning and analytic models for advanced insights? Self-service insights across devices, both online and offline empowering users to make faster decisions sounds fantastic but how to provide familiar, self-service visualization and decision support tools that supports action?

When you have well-managed and curated data, people are capable of mixing, matching, visualizing, refining, and ultimately, making the best decisions possible. All of our hard work surfaces here after the data is combined and transformed for reporting.
With Power BI, we’ve overlaid powerful visualization and business intelligence capabilities.
With Q&A, we can pose simple questions to the prepared data models to return rich charts and graphs. You are not required to retrain people. They are immediately up to speed in Excel and excited about the innovative ways in which they can interact with data.
Imagine all of the different visualization methods available with Power BI, from geospatial to new bubble diagrams and charts. There are so many interesting ways to develop richer experiences for interaction with data to drive new insights.
That is the power of the complete Microsoft data platform. Everything works together to support the self-service capabilities that drive the required data culture that is necessary to extract as much value as possible from your data investments.