Prof. Mascarella has successfully managed several Social Learning projects in Microsoft and in Academic settings since 2001.

Continuous learning through well planned webinars and follow-up in moderated communities will enable students to self assess their learning barriers and secure proper access to Level 200-300-400 hands-on classes or “deep-dive” webinars.

Social Learning activates peer-learning, incentive self-driven exploration of solutions and makes experts easy to engage.

What is Consulting and Not Social Learning?

Yammer questions and answers are training activities not consulting work.
Any SMEs work that requites the following activities is considering consulting by the hour:


  • Expect a problem resolution not an advice
  • Study the contexts of the problem
  • Review more than 10 lines of code












Certified Yammer Moderator Will Lead Spark Upskill Roadmap

What is included?

1.Program Design, Launch and Operation: Certified Yammer Moderator and KIT for 3 months

2.Propel Vitality: Spark, Hadoop Level 400  SMEs consumed, Effort depends metrics i.e. # of posts with interactions.