At which level your Business stands?

Check out our specific Analytics Package for Retail & Hospitality,


This is an as revolutionary as easy-to-use visualization tool for your Business.

But it’s really MUCH MORE than a visualization tool!

Obtaining VALUE from your raw data is not anymore excruciatingly expensive at all.

WE can realize that with you, just starting from your P.O.S. figures. and letting them go through the cloud wisely


Standard Features include:

  • Classic RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) analysis applied to segment your set of Customers
  • Strategic Scenarios Planner tailored to your vertical of (VIP Customer, Full Frequency, Loyalty Plan)
  • Availability of full spectrum from ®Microsoft Analytics included in ®Microsoft Power BI visualization tool
  • State-of-the-art and 99.9999% reliability based upon ®Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure


Additional features include:

  • Design of tailored interface, stats and custom analytics
  • Specific environment for cloud implementation (e.g. ®Amazon AWS, ®IBM Bluemix)
  • Tableau or other visualization tool as your preferred visualization tool (custom realization project)
  • R-based set of advanced Analytics, including Churn Prediction, Item-Item Recommendation, User-Item Recommendation (custom realization project)
  • Full integration with ®Microsoft Cortana Machine Learning models or IBM Watson models, when broadening of you business scenario or Big Data handling are needed
  • Personalized WebApp (.NET)